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Review for The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski

Ok this is a really great book. I was sucked up into the book and my feelings and thoughts went all over the place with each character and new scene. This book was so vibrant with description that it played out like a movie in my mind. Ok so we open up with a punch to our guts…no fading in gradually to the story. One step and you are sucked in.

The opening with Reed and the torment he receives in the Haystack and the continuous punishment he surfers. He is so much stronger than I think I could have been. I probably would have chosen oblivion like the other kids too. (Of course I probably would have ended like Parker and not Reed or Danny either..) Reed has a inner strength that Mr. Smith and the Director can only scratch their heads at. They are such WEAK men compared to him. Danny Boy is a great friend. Without him, I cringe to think what might have happened. But their light will always be Lucinda – without her Reed would have been left in the dark and no beacon lit for Danny.

I was going to try and give a brief description but each time I did I felt like I gave too many clues-and you should experience the ins and outs as you explore the Island deeper for yourself. Anything less would be cheating yourself out of a great ride. I would recommend this book to anyone.

I received a copy of this book from author for an honest review.

Review for Entangled by Cat Clarke

I give this Book 2 out of 5 stars.  I just finished reading this book and I feel let down and wanting so much more to have come out of this book.  There is Grace- our main character and narrator for the story.  Her best friend is Sal, which at first you think is her god-send, later we see the true person.  There is Nat, Grace’s boyfriend, who is two-faced also.  (Are we seeing a pattern-:( )  Devon is Nat’s younger brother and Ethan -the kidnapper/soul-guro.  This book can be summed up in fewer words than it took to write this book and you would still get the overall effect.  Grace is a cutter – she is a very insecure,neglected person.  The book is written like a diary – Grace writing down her thoughts while she is being held captive by Ethan(or so she thought).  She tells us about meeting her best friend, how Sal is always there for her, such a strong bond – blah,blah,blah.  Grace talks about leaving for a fam vacation and returning to a different Sal.  Sal got pregnant while Grace was gone.  Yes, Grace should have handled that better – but Sal didn’t want to share with Grace like she makes Grace share with her.  (she prob thought Grace couldn’t handle-prob true) This is strike one!  Nat gets in the pic – he seems like a dream come true – Not SO!!   I had a sneaking suspicion about them – the way they acted around each other.  Strike two!  Then Grace found them together…..BIG STRIKE THREE!!!!  So Grace cuts herself-lands in coma…..and thats the ending.  The whole diary thing was Grace reliving her life and remember everything to present day.  Ethan was kinda like her guro – he kept prodding her to remember by writing her life down.  When she finally did – he was gone and she was in the hospital – in a coma listening to everyone.  No one knows she can hear them and she can’t seem to be able to wake up to let them know.   See the let down…..  There is too many questions…like will she be able to wake up?  What happens with Sal and Nat?  Will she forgive them? (Hope Not!!!) Anyway this is just my thoughts on the book. Leave a comment if you have any.

Review for The Predicteds by Christine Seifert

The Predicteds was a great book to read. How would you act if you one of your classmates were predicted to be a killer in the future? That is the question. The kids at QH have all taken a test to determine what type of person they will be in the future. Thieves, president, killer?? Can you really predict what people will become by a few questions in their teens….. I liked the storyline of how once people thought they knew what someone was – it changed their way of looking at them. One day a friend, the next a “predicted”. The chemistry between Daphne and Jesse are up and down , but there is always a constant charge between them that draws them together. (I thought Jesse was a good guy!!) It is a page turner- I stayed up till the wee hours trying to finish the book.

Thanksgiving Time

It has been a while since I posted – been busy with a sick child.  It is Thanksgiving time again.  I just wanted to take this time to be thankful for everyone I have in my life.  Things may come and go but those that are your real friends and family will always be there.  I am sooo grateful for very close family and friends that I have.

I hope everyone a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Finished Blood Rights

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post but have been wrapped in work and family.

Well, I finished Blood Rights a few days ago and like I said in my earlier post – it is a really good read.  The complications and relationships between the many major characters in this book is setup and played out great.  There are many different mini stories going along and merging into one big overall story.  So in the end you feel you see things from all different sides – which I loved.  Of course, there is a setup for the next book – which I can’t wait to read.

Will let you know how the sequel plays out…

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Well, I purchased the movie Tuesday.  I have mixed feelings about this one.  Of course, Johnny Depp played a great Captain Jack Sparrow.  The POTC movies are mostly about him anyway but without Will and Elizabeth Swan dynamic duo relationship – the movie felt kinda flat.  Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of action scenes and the new characters were good too.  I did love Blackbeard – bad to the core….   I felt that the POTC had ended at World’s End and was satisfied with that ending.  This movie almost fills like a filler because they are making so much money on them and didn’t want to stop yet.  In this instance though they went too far.  If you want a action movie – watch it because its enjoyable – but if you want another GREAT POTC movie -sorry its not that.